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Welcome to the mystical world of birthstones, where each month is symbolized by a unique gemstone with its own profound significance and charm. 

We believe in the power of these stones to tell personal stories, symbolize individual traits, and add meaningful depth to exquisite jewelry pieces. 

Join us on a vibrant journey through the months, discovering the rich colors and symbolism each birthstone brings.

January: Garnet (Siam)

The fiery red Garnet, also known in our collection as Siam, ignites the January spirit with symbols of protection, power, and a light in the darkness. This stone is believed to keep the wearer safe during travel and inspire confidence and creativity.

 February: Amethyst

February’s serene Amethyst exudes calmness, balance, and courage. With its mesmerizing violet shades, Amethyst represents wisdom, dignity, and spiritual growth, making it a perfect gift for those seeking peace and clarity.

March: Aquamarine

The tranquil Aquamarine, mirroring the sea's serene hues, embodies purity, calm, and exhilaration. March babies will find in this gem the courage to explore new possibilities and the tranquility of the ocean's heart.

April: Crystal Quartz April’s birthstone, Crystal Quartz, known simply as Crystal, symbolizes clarity, strength, and invincibility. Its clear, radiant beauty reflects the enduring nature of love, making it a timeless addition to any collection.

May: Emerald

May is graced with the lush green Emerald, a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and the flourishing beauty of nature. Emeralds are believed to grant the wearer foresight, good fortune, and youth.

June: Light Amethyst

June’s softer counterpart to February, Light Amethyst, brings with it tenderness, purity, and love. It’s a stone that reflects the subtlety of early summer's twilight skies.

July: Ruby (Light Siam)

July’s vibrant Ruby, or Light Siam in our collection, pulsates with energy and passion, representing love, vitality, and royalty. This stone is perfect for those who live life with intensity and enthusiasm.

August: Peridot

August's Peridot radiates positive energy, symbolizing strength and vitality. Its light green hues encapsulate the essence of late summer, offering protection and promoting healing.

September: Sapphire

The noble Sapphire, September’s gemstone, brings wisdom, dignity, and divine favor. Its deep blue colors are reminiscent of the deep, endless sky at dusk, sparking creativity and enlightenment.

October: Rose Quartz

October’s gentle Rose Quartz, known in our selection as Rose, speaks of compassion, peace, and unconditional love. This stone encourages healing and fosters relationships, making it a perfect emblem of hope.

November: Topaz

Warm and soothing, November’s Topaz symbolizes friendship, strength, and wisdom. Its golden glow captures the essence of autumn, offering a comforting presence and fostering sincerity and resilience.

December: Montana

Rounding out the year, December’s Montana in our collection, mirrors the winter sky, evoking a sense of peace, prosperity, and wisdom. It’s a gem that promises success and inspires adventure.

Browse our collections by month and discover the perfect piece that speaks to you, whether it aligns with your birth month or the qualities you seek to embody.